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Interventional Suite-Vascular Access Division

Our vascular access center provides emergency and maintenance care of vascular accesses for patients on dialysis in the greater Kansas City area. We strive to improve vascular access for hemodialysis and thus the delivery of care to dialysis patients. Midwest Nephrology’s Vascular Access Division is proud to offer the opportunity to improve your patients’ outcomes and quality of life. Having over a decade of experience and well over 10,000 procedures performed, our goal remains simple: to work with nephrologists, surgeons, and dialysis staff to improve the care of dialysis patients and their accesses through our dedicated office-based access center.


Our Team
Our two Interventional Physicians are Board Certified Nephrologists with over 15 years of combined experience. Our caregiver team includes seasoned, ACLS Certified, interventional-trained RN’s and a dedicated Registered Radiologic Technologist (RTR). Their medical knowledge and background are vital components to making this process go smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Procedures & Services
Midwest Nephrology’s Vascular Access Division prides itself on the array of interventions able to be performed safely in an office-based access setting. By providing these services in our independent access center, patients enjoy the benefits of speedy and efficient care, avoiding delays so common to hospital-based procedures. Virtually all work is done using monitored conscious sedation, allowing for maximum patient comfort and for patients to go home shortly after their procedure is complete. Our vascular access division is dedicated to making our center the provider of choice by exceeding industry clinical standards for quality care.

Types of cases performed include:

  • Percutaneous thrombectomy of AV fistulas and grafts.
  • Fistulogram, angioplasty, stenting of dysfunctional AV accesses
  • Coil collateral vein ligation for AV accesses
  • Tunneled and non tunneled hemodialysis catheter placement, removal, repair and over-the-wire exchanges
  • Fibrin sheath disruption for poorly functional hemodialysis catheters
  • Peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion
  • Subcutaneous port placement and removal

Direct Access Phone Hotline (816) 276-1777
Our goal is to ensure convenience for those needing our services. Our Direct Access Phone Line allows you to call one number to make a referral, and our dedicated staff will take care of the rest. This has been well received in the community as a “one stop” hub for anything a referring facility may need in Interventional Nephrology.

Quick call access includes:

  • Scheduling same-day appointments
  • Coordination of patient transportation
  • Billing intake paperwork
  • Physician follow-up call to discuss procedure

Our team is accessible Monday thru Friday for casework, and to answer questions or concerns about patient status. After hours and on weekends, you will be 1) able to leave a message and we will respond the next morning or 2) directed to the physician on call who can reach one of our interventionalists as needed.